Advice from an old hand, Dr Alan Sherlock

Dr Alan Sherlock travels to Sikkim every year to work with the SARAH team. He performs surgery, trains young Indian vets, catches dogs, bird watches , explores the remotest corners of Sikkim and writes superb emails home.

Alan works at the Sandringham Central Vet Hospital the rest of the year and we would like to thank him for his advice and inspiration to Nicole and Farlie in their first trip to India.

This is a picture of Alan at work and also his picture of the cutest little dog. Many pet owners walk a long and hilly way when they hear the SARAH/ VBB team is in the area. This little guy was carried in a shopping bag for surgery and clearly he liked the experience so much he was happy to “ hang around” until it was his turn.

From Dr Alan’s latest email: “With about 22 million dogs in India needing our services, it has to eventually be done by the locals. The SARAH project has set the standard for the rest of India and shown that it can be done. It just needs to be replicated across the rest of the country, staffed by enthusiastic young local Vets and Paravets.”

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