BLOG: Annabelle Broke Her Leg

“Annabelle” fell and broke her front left leg in the strong winds 2 weeks ago.

She said she couldn’t go on but then we showed her pictures of the tough Nepali cows who survive broken legs.
Annabelle came to EBVC in 2000 with her calf “Bobby”. She has had a tough life with Bobby leaving home early to live at the Black Rock Animal Hospital.

Then there were Annabelle’s midlife lost years in 2013. She went missing on Boxing Day 2012 . Thanks to an intensive media blitz…/East-Bentleigh-Vet-Clin…/videos/ begging her to come home she was back within a few months to join us for our clinic renovation launch. Her colour changed at this time so instead of “The Blue Clinic with a Cow” we become ” The New Clinic with a Blue Cow”. The handprints are from everyone who joined us that day.

Now her front right leg is healing well with the insertion of couple of surgical plates and a fibreglass bandage there is more tragedy……Bobby has gone missing from Black Rock Animal Hospital. The fact he vanished on the day of Halloween may mean that he was just dressing up and out for a night of trick or treating.

To learn more about Bobby’s suspicious disappearance:…/19047f220b7e9def61ad3e8c717e2…

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