COVID-19: 29th March update

???? COVID-19 Update Sunday 29th ????

*** WE ARE OPEN ***

To make EBVC safe for staff and for customers we are:

➡️ Delivering medication orders free of charge. With prepayment it means our pets stay healthy and the clinic sees less foot traffic

➡️ We have a 5 safe Waiting Zones

➡️ We have our front door guardian who will ensure only safe clients and pets enter and will explain our strict hygiene policy

➡️ Vet nurses will be assisting our vets to conduct pet physical exams to ensure we abide by safe social distancing even within the large EBVC building.

➡️ One way flow , in one door out another

➡️ Pump hand sanitiser for 20sec on way in/ way out.

➡️ No cash. Just tap and go payment.

➡️ Safe queuing option outside the building

➡️ Brand new consulting room to increase our consulting capacity. We aim for zero wait time.

➡️ We are allocating space within our consulting calender for cleaning and to avoid clients meeting each other ( sad but necessary).

➡️ The strictest antiviral cleaning programme. Each room is disinfected after use. Only staff touch door handles etc. Pet owners touch nothing

These are our current standards for COVID-19 safety. Of course we may change these further. We will announce changes on Facebook. Please make sure you’re following us.

Please call the clinic if you are unsure what to do if your pet needs to see a vet.

Please try to avoid turning up without an appointment scheduled. And it helps us maintain this level of COVId-19 safety if you arrive on time. Not early and not late.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation.

Dr Michael Heath and Dr Damian McShane
Owners and vet directors of East Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic

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