Case Study – Mammary Tumours

This 13 yr old pet female dog presented at the Vets Beyond Borders Clinic in Southern India. It is being prepared for desexing and also an operation to remove a mammary tumour.

Mammary tumours are common finding in older undesexed female dogs. It is the most common tumour in these group of dogs. It is an uncommon finding in Australia because most dogs are desexed before their first season or heat period. Surgery at this time is very protective against developing mammary cancer later in life in dogs.

Fortunately we were able to excise this tumour completely.

This is a post-op examination photo 2 days later. Her owner brought her on her motor bike to our mobile desexing tent for her checkup. Her owner was very grateful that her dog had recovered uneventfully and that the tumour was gone.





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