Continuing work

They are continuing the work has been done by Drs John Skuja, Ben Brown, Springer Brown who were first on the scene of Nepals animal crisis. 90% of the work is with cattle and buffalo. Saving this livestock saves the families ability to be selfsufficent . It gives hope. They walk to the more inaccessible cases. LIfting cattle is critical but hard work. The vets have been finding it possible to save cattle that have been down for 2wks. The postop treatments that Don and Cate are performing are showing good response to the original work ….”casts going well so far, great to see limbs healing”.

We will continue to raise money to buy cattle medicines to travel with the next pair of Cattle vet volunteers. Plans are being made for them to replace Don and Cate in 2-3 wks time.

Donations can be made over the counter at the clinic. Every dollar will go to buying medicines and getting it to Nepal. We are only buying meds here that are in short supply , or not available at all , in Nepal. The vets on the ground know exactly whats needed.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations , for the same purpose, can be made through the HSI every day hero account. Dr John Skuja started this account and work, we intend to continue it….

June 2015: Dr Don and Dr Cate are revisiting the cases that you have seen in the earlier photos. they are going well. Happy vets, happy livestock, happy people.…/vets-in-nepal-earthquake-re…

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