Covid-19 Update 18th April

???? Covid-19 Update ????
???? Saturday 18th April ????

**** Ebvc remains open ****

EBVC has developed some intensive hygiene and social distancing protocols to ensure that you remain safe when visiting the clinic and that our staff remain safe.

We are doing Medication deliveries to avoid you having to visit the clinic to pick these meds up.

These initiatives will CONTINUE and are not going to be relaxed until further notice.

The state wide measures implemented by the whole Victorian community to control COVID-19 has had excellent results in flattening the curve.

But it is wrong to think we can stop being careful now.

So, yes, we remain open.

But we still have restrictions on how to visit the clinic – please call or book online first.
Please don’t just turn up.

Please DO listen and follow the directions of our friendly staff positioned at our ‘IN’ door.

( briefly: you will be asked to hand sanitise on way in, sit in the orange chair only, Staff will open doors for you, sanitise on way out and exit the far waiting room door. EBVC staff will be there to make it easy to understand what to do)

Please DONT think or act as though these rules dont apply to you. If is for your safety and our safety)

We would also like to thank our staff for being marvellous, hard working, adaptable and just fantastic. Their job has changed day to day to day. We could not be more proud of this awesome team.

Dr Michael Heath and Dr Damian McShane

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