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Posted 12/11/2016

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Dr Michael Heath

Dr Michael Heath

Michael joined Damian in the practices over 8 years ago, and became a full partner with Damian in 2000.

Michael worked in Bendigo after graduating from Sydney University, then had a couple of years travelling the world from a base in the UK, while working as a locum. Since this time he has maintained a great interest in all things Eurasian and historic.

Michael and Lisa, and their two young boys, live locally in Beaumaris, and enjoy very much bumping into patients, and their owners, outside their sons’ school, and around the local streets.

Michael is especially interested in the overall wellness of our patients, but is especially interested in removing masses that we used to think were not able to be removed. There are many pets still taking their morning constitutionals on the beach at Black Rock who would not be there were it not for Michael, and his skills with the scalpel!

Providing fun for the family is a 10 year old ginger cat named Johnny, and a couple of funny bunnies called Bunny and Scrambles.

Veterinarian and Co-OwnerDr Michael Heath