Dr Thinlay Bhutia- SARAH programme coordinator- through Dr Farlie’s eyes

It is a privilege to call Dr Thinlay Bhutia my friend. Dr Thinlay works tirelessly to improve the welfare of animals in Sikkim.

Thinlay hails from the remote village Pelling at the foothills of Mt Kangchenjunga.  He brings strength, compassion and resourcefulness to his role.

Some readers may get the impression that the veterinary charities are responsible only for desexing and vaccinating animals – this could not be further from the truth.  The vets spend a significant part of every day working through the sicknesses of the animals, and finding diagnoses and cures, just like we do back in East Bentleigh.  These diseases can be much more complicated that we actually deal with at home, especially with the complications of endemic diseases such the Erlichia and Babesia parasites.

The problems that Thinlay is tasked with daily are often seemingly impossible and endless, yet he approaches them with calm and he revels in every individual life he heals.  I could not be more grateful for his teachings

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