EBVC back in India 2018

This year EBVC is focussing its support towards the work of Dr Sonia Thakur . Sonia has worked for EBVC as a locum vet after working for 10 years as a small animal vet in Brighton and Frankston.
Lately Sonia has been been dividing her year between Melbourne and working as the veterinary consultant to Dharamsala Animal Rescue ( DAR), North India.
DAR has multiple functions. It is street dog shelter, Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies unit, provides mobile veterinary care to sick and injured animals and encourages adoption of treated street dogs by the local Indian and Tibetan population.
EBVC thinks the work that Sonia is doing is professional, skilled and very selfless. She is bringing her knowledge, skills and commitment to DAR, so the least we could do is support her with supplies and materials.
This month Dr Michael Heath has travelled to Dharamsala to delivery about 30kg of veterinary supplies from EBVC. While working with Sonia on the desexing programme he will be assisting Sonia develop a more advanced orthopaedic service. There are so many dogs with broken legs due to traffic accidents that Sonia will soon be pinning and wiring some of those legs back together again.
The photos here are some of the patients and during a day of desexing work at the DAR clinic.
“The staff at DAR are remarkable in the way that they handle these dogs with care and compassion. It is a real education to have the opportunity to work amongst them. Sonia is a real leader in bringing innovation and clinical expertise to the team. In just the first week there have been many fractures, snake bite , dog fight wounds, skin conditions, head trauma and tick fever”
After Dharamsala (his Holiness the Dalai Lama has just arrived for teachings) Dr Michael and Dr Sonia will go to Nepal to visit the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust or HART. HART is the Nepali group that EBVC supported after the Nepal earthquake of 2015. EBVC and friends have continued to support the superb work of HART. Michael is looking forward to reuniting with Mr Khageshwaar Sharma and introduce Dr Darren Merrett. Dr Merrett is one of Melbourne most respected and experienced canine internal medicine specialists. After completing a Himalayan trek, Dr Merrett will join with Michael and Sonia to conduct case based training of the HART vet team.

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