Fundraising begins

SikkimMeet Dr Thinley ( left) and Dr Shams. Dr Thinley has earthquake experience after working throughout the 2011 Sikkim Earthquake. He is leaving the VBB/SARAH base veterinary hospital in Gangtok in the morning with 3 of his best paravets to start assess the needs in neighboring Nepal. They will need to be self-sufficient and carry their supplies in. Fortunately we have had some immediate donations to help them equip.

Nicole and Farlie were just now (Tuesday evening) able to hand over $1500 in donations. Dr Thinley is already buying medicines and bandages.

We will be keeping you informed of the teams progress and what’s going on as we get reports and photos.
If you would like to donate then you can deposit into the EBVC work account ( BSB 063 126, AN 1022 1268) and we will forward every cent to the team in Nepal. They work hard, are experienced , skill and frugal, they do not waste money.
Please enter “earthquake donation” when depositing.
Or make use of our donation box in the clinic.
Please call the clinic 9579 3430 if you need to know more details.
Some background to VBB in sikkim is in our May Newsletter here

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