Dr Damian McShane

Dr Damian McShane

Damian and his wife Annie have lived locally since 2002, in Carnegie and Murrumbeena, and is very involved with the local community in ways such as being on the School Council at Hughesdale Primary school, and spending every waking hour at GESAC watching his two sons playing basketball.

Through his links with local families Damian has facilitated sponsorship by the practice of many local organisations. Two main achievements have been our Gold Sponsorship of Hughesdale Primary Schools Fundraising Carnival since 2005, and the recent arrangement to sponsor “Aeryn” the “Story Dog” for Valkstone Primary School. ” Aeryn” is providing a non-judgemental listener to that some children struggling to read aloud to their teachers can start their learning journey reading to Aeryn – a great programme!

His menagerie at home continues to grow (mainly by re-homing unwanted pets brought to the clinic), and now extends to “Yugi” the Cavvie, the family cats “Tea” and “Pocky-Share-Happiness”, “Stan” the canary, and three fish, so he well understands the bond we develop with our pets.

Veterinarian and Co-OwnerDr Damian McShane

Dr Michael Heath

Dr Michael Heath

Michael joined Damian in the practices over 8 years ago, and became a full partner with Damian in 2000.

Michael worked in Bendigo after graduating from Sydney University, then had a couple of years travelling the world from a base in the UK, while working as a locum. Since this time he has maintained a great interest in all things Eurasian and historic.

Michael and Lisa, and their two young boys, live locally in Beaumaris, and enjoy very much bumping into patients, and their owners, outside their sons’ school, and around the local streets.

Michael is especially interested in the overall wellness of our patients, but is especially interested in removing masses that we used to think were not able to be removed. There are many pets still taking their morning constitutionals on the beach at Black Rock who would not be there were it not for Michael, and his skills with the scalpel!

Providing fun for the family is a Border Terrier name Thunder, Cavvie called Freddy and a cat called Jade.

Veterinarian and Co-OwnerDr Michael Heath

Dr Steve Le Nepveu

Dr Kunal Nagaich

Dr Steve is a full time locum and will often be found covering for the regular staff at East Bentleigh while they’re on holidays.

Steve originally hails from Yorkshire in the UK and qualified at Liverpool in 1993. He emigrated to Australia with his 10 years ago.

He prides himself on his client communication skills and has an interest in wound management.

Steve has owned his own practice, but enjoys the cut and thrust of being a locum and the ability to choose who he works with. If you have met Dr Steve, you will know that he is certainly not one to take life too seriously!

VeterinarianDr Steve Le Nepveu

Dr Sarah Warren

Dr Kunal Nagaich

Sarah graduated from the University of Sydney and started work in small animal practice in northern Sydney. After 2 years, she packed up and moved to England, where she locummed at many practices across the country.

Having not seen the sun for 2 years, Sarah moved to the Middle East where she spent a short time working in Doha before heading to India.

Whilst in India, Sarah took a volunteer position in a practice that dealt predominantly with street animals. From dogs to donkeys, cats to cows, Sarah gained invaluable experience as the Head Veterinarian. After 6 months under the Udaipur sun, Sarah moved back to Sydney where she spent the next 3 years developing and honing her skills.

Sarah has completed post graduate training in small animal medicine and passed exams in 2014, gaining membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. She enjoys working up more complex medical cases and providing quality care to all pets. Accredited with AQIS, she can help prepare your pets for overseas travel.

In November 2016, Sarah moved to Melbourne with her husband Zac, cat Norma and rabbit Mervyn. She enjoys the culture and coffee that Melbourne has to offer.

VeterinarianDr Sarah Warren

Dr Lisa

Dr Lisa

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VeterinarianDr Lisa

Dr Natasha Stewart

Dr Lisa

Originally from Melbourne, Natasha moved to Sydney to complete her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2019. Since then she competed a rotating internship before joining the EBVC team full-time in January, 2021.
Natasha has a special interest in dentistry and soft tissue surgery and loves to cuddle all the cute animals that come into the clinic. When she is not at work, Natasha enjoys going to the beach, seeing friends and travelling with her husband Tom.

VeterinarianDr Natasha Stewart

Dr Steven Coe

Dr Lisa

Steven completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and then went on to study the DVM at The University of Melbourne, graduating in 2022. 
His veterinary goals involve pursuing a challenging and eventful career, where I aim to explore a variety of areas in the veterinary industry in order to develop a wide scope of practice and expertise. Furthermore, in the future,  I wish to experience the veterinary industry from a different perspective, whether that be working rural or working in a developing country such as within South America. 
Outside of work, he enjoys exercising or going for a hike, often accompanied by my Australian Shepherd, Mila. Otherwise, I can be found at a sporting event, music concert or a new restaurant. 
When there is the opportunity for extended holidays, I am quick to get on a plane and travel, where I am fortunate enough to have visited places like Africa and Borneo and wish to travel to South America or Egypt next. 

VeterinarianDr Steven Coe