Meet Wilbur

Meet Wilbur, he’s from Mallacoota.

Wilbur has had a rough time. Before the fires he sustained a bite, then he got caught up with all the humans and animals in the horrendous fires that swept through Mallacoota.

Fortunately, Dr Leanne from Healesville Sanctuary is one of the vets currently in Mallacoota. With her skills and experience of Koalas Wilbur was treated by the team of local volunteers. Koalas can’t really be kept in cages for too long and so a delicate balance between hospital care and release needs to be made. After 5 days Wilbur was released and to EVERYONE’s relief and tears he made his way back up a tree to start munching on eucalypt leaves.

In such a devastated wildlife environment like Mallacoota is today, it is important for the VFC team to collaborate with skilled, dedicated and experienced vets like Leanne from Healesville sanctuary.

Wilbur is happy in his tree and will never know how important his survival was to the team of vets and animal volunteers amongst so much suffering.

So much thanks and love to Zoos Victoria, AVA deployed vets, Mallacoota Wildlife Crew and FVC own band of growing wildlife volunteers. Working together is the only way forward.

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