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    Pet Education in School

    What is Australian Veterinary Association’s PetPEP?

    AVA PetPEP stands for “Pets and People Education Program.”

    The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has developed this Primary School education program, which is implemented across Australia in Prep to Year Seven classrooms. This is an excellent child and teacher-friendly program and is accredited by Education Queensland.

    What does AVA PetPEP do?

    AVA PetPEP brings together teachers, school children, vets, vet nurses, local councils, DPI&F and the RSPCA to help children learn important lessons about responsible pet care.

    The program teaches responsible pet ownership through the following six topics-

    • Behaving safely around pets
    • Being responsible for a pet
    • Caring for your pet’s health
    • Choosing the right pet
    • Preparing for a pet
    • Treating all animals well