Thank you - Donation update

Thank you – Donation update

All we can say is thank you. The entire Vets for Compassion team has been absolutely humbled by the support we have received from the public – from offers to donate your time, to donating veterinary supplies, right through to financial donations, we are just blown away by your support.

If you are a vet looking to volunteer, or someone looking to donate veterinary supplies, please contact the Australian Veterinary Association VIC Division. This wonderful group will be coordinating these goods and services right across the country – something that we, as a small, volunteer-run organisation, simply don’t have the capacity to do.

Donations through our GoFundMe page have just about hit the $50,000 mark – this is just incredible! We are going to increase our target, as we know that there will be work to do to help affected animals for many months to come. The best way that you can help us at this stage, is by making a financial donation – rest assured that 100 per cent of all donations go directly towards helping the animals.

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