That’s a wrap! From Dr Michael and Dr Lisa

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014 from Dr Michael Heath and Dr lisa Sander,

2013 has been a one of big decisions for us. It became clear that juggling 2 veterinary hospitals, fundraising, Indian charity volunteer work and a young family was too much. We felt a significant wrench when we decided to pass ownership of the Black Rock Animal hospital to Dr Juliet Mills. Juliet is a fabulous vet from the bayside area and had done locum stints for us in the past. We believe that the patients and their owners are in good , caring and sincere hands. Dr Nadia Worrell continues to work at BRAH with Juilet.

We would like to thank all the clients and friends of BRAH for their support and friendship over the past 14years . We have been thrilled to be part of the local support for the Vets Beyond Borders project in Bylakuppe , Southern India. So much generosity, hard work and encouragement from so many people. With less commitments Michael and Lisa and the boys will be able to continue allocating their holidays to Volunteer work.

A brief report on what has been going on with Bayside and Bylakuppe……..

This years VBB Tibetan Supper was held at the house of Dr Michael and Dr Lisa. Music by Tenzin Cheogyl and Taro Terahara soared across the bayside suburb of Beaumaris. Food by Sandup Tsering of Tinsotibet(.org) , Dr Jo Chan and Chris and Kerry McGrath. Beautiful art sold by Jane Walker and a selection of silent auctions raised:

– $4000 for VBB

– $1000 for Tenzins Tibetan Childrens Village (locations in Bylakuppe and in Dharamsala , Himalaya- where Michael and Lisa plan to perform veterinary work in the future)

– other individual donations raised $750 for tinsotibet ( aged care in Bylakuppe) and $300 for Ani Samten who looks after the ” Puppy Project ” with VBB and teaches/cares for all the young monk boys who look after the pups.

Michael and Lisa were very happy to share their house and be able to say thank you to many of the people who have, over the past 2 years, provided what was needed to drive the Bylakuppe project to the successful summer season that is currently underway.

Please look up and permanently “like” the facebook page “VBB-Bylakuppe Rabies and Disease Control Project” . Dr Amelia Fung is currently working in Bylakuppe and managing the expansion of the hospital, the local staff and the new batches of volunteers. She still finds time to post some marvellous photos which I believe give the best idea of what is being done there to help the dogs and the people of Bylakuppe..

Over the past 2 years we have been able to direct over $33,000 towards VBB. We know of much more that has been donated privately too . Equipment and material ( including 2 wheelchairs and 2 pushers!) worth about $15,000 has been taken to Bylakuppe.

Fundraising and Information events have included : 2012 Indian Supper, Molly and Nates party, 3 trips to India, Melbourne Dog Lovers Show 2013 ( and 14!), Bayside Pet Expo 11/12/13, public talks to U3A/ Freemasons / Probus, EBVC open day 2013, Beaumaris North Primary School visits, Ani’s monk boy pen pal power points.

A further $8000 has been given directly to other Bylakuppe charities like Tinso Tibet, Ani samtens Puppy Project and the local SSS Hospital. VBB is firmly part of the extended area of Bylakuppe . Like any Vet hospital the VBB vet hospital works within the local community . So much more can done by supporting each other than by acting alone. The boys from SAM donated their time to start renovations. The local hospital works behind the scenes to find us accommodation and found us the vet hospital site. Stephen from a local B and B arranges for airport pickups and transport to Bylakuppe. Purang elders provide accommodation and cultural support. Sonams father cooks dinner for every visitor to Bylakuppe. The new Bylakuppe Rotary group are meeting VBB Bylakuppe.

( note- all money given in name of VBB has gone to VBB. This extra money was given by individuals who have asked how to assist these other groups after coming to know their story).

The VBB Bylakuppe Hospital is now a stand alone building of 5 rooms and 2 separate out buildings providing surgery, consulting, office and kennels. It has kennels, power and a better water supply now ( and a nice country view)

So many people have come together to make this happen. Thank you to….

– Dr Damian McShane for providing so much time and resources to underwrite the many VBB events that have been staged. Also for allowing Michael the freedom to reallocate the business resources and staff from time to time.

– Brooke Crockford for making most of everything actually happen. Without her rare combination of nursing and graphic design skills plus a persistent work ethic all these events would never have proceeded beyond ideas. Communicating what VBB Bylakuppe really is has only been possible by the plethora of brilliant images and reports produced by Brooke , often at very short notice. ( thanks to Peter from Digitelle and Officeworks who printed everything at good cost and at similar short notice).

– Staff and friends in Bylakuppe and beyond in India- Sonam, Lhakpar, Tenzin. Munnar. Karma la. Tractor Monk. Ani Samten and her boys, Gen Tsewang, Ayung Rinpoche . Tharchin, Phillip and Losang Jinpa. Sandup and his parents, Kelsang,the Tinso committee guys, the Purang camp ladies who cook lunch. Palden and the SAM committee. Rhinchen and TVA. The local police who process our PAP’s. Stephen, Manjula , Vasant and Jeevan. Shanti. The Red Chilli team.

– BRAH and EBVC staff: Brooke( and her family), Nicole, Jane ( and Damo), Allan, Amy, Aimee, Juliet, Lucie( and her family), Lhamo, Amanda, Steve, Jo, Nadia, Kris, Rob, Donna, Farlie ( and Harley), Paul, Jade

– Special vet industry reps who help in special ways: Ross, Tracy, Ashley, Mark, Vern, Jason, Damian, Phillip.

– Special vet friends from Bayside: Libby, Julia, Marg, John, Fay and June, Chris and Kerry, Peter and Katrina , Peter, dog club guys, Lesley and Rod, Molly and Nate, Judith Marriot, Aaron, Coralie, Pam and Bill, the Pletchers, the Ritchies, Magdelana and Michael, Lisa , Zonda, Jane Walker, Heather, Mary and Dorothy, Ron and Wendy, Callum, Anne Cain and her friends, Alice and Nick, Colin , Melissa, Monica, Jean, John and Ailsa, the Poppers, Ruth and David, Emily, Shaun, Christine and Shane , Christine and soooooo many more.

– Vets who inspire , motivate and always offer to help : Tony, Damian, Lisa, Beth, Alan, Naomi, Kunal, Amelia, Sal, Catherine, Helen, Simon, Natalie, Brian, Aash, Dr Kevin, Tamara ( and Paul), Lydia

VBB HQ: Steven, Mandy, Charmaine,Ronnie

So many people and businesses have donated for silent auctions.

While I am aware that I have probably left off names ( and apologise ) I am also delighted that the list is so wonderfully long. Thank you all for helping VBB. Thank you to Dr Amelia who is there right now, consolidating the Desexing and Anti-Rabies work that VBB has started in Bylakuppe.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and an exciting, passionate, creative , productive new year.

Good luck and best wishes to anyone volunteering, or supporting volunteers in 2014, whether in India or in your own neck of the woods.

” Tomorrows events depend on todays actions” His Holiness , The Dalai Lama.

from Mike, Lisa, Fin and Archie

Christmas 2013

Don’t forget: Facebook, “VBB-Bylakuppe Rabies and Disease Control Project” Like It!

PS: please pass this on to friends mentioned here who I don’t have on my Facebook list

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