The Puppy Project Party

Since 2012 EBVC has been associated with the South Indian Kagyudpa Monastery in Bylakuppe to care for their puppies and live-in street dogs.

Vaccinating, desexing and treating illness in the resident dogs has only been possible by the collaboration with our friend Ani Samten la.

Ani is tibetan for nun. Ani has always been there to look after the dogs. The vets from EBVC have visited to perform surgery and advise via facebook when back at home in Melbourne.

In 2012 together we decided to help the weak little puppies by encouraging the little resident monk boys to adopt a puppy and learn how to care for the pups. The Puppy Project was born.

Over the years the health and wellbeing of both boys and pups have benefitted. They have grown up together.

We were very lucky to have Ani Samten visit Melbourne for 1 week this January.  EBVC held a street food party and drinks with all the clinics friends who have helped and support EBVC do this work with Ani Samten.

The event was such a wonderful success for so many reasons and we hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did!

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