Did you know…

– 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years of age already have significant painful dental disease!!
– Dental disease may reduce the life expectancy of your pet by two years!!

Frightening statistics, but sadly this is the situation facing many of our beloved pets. At East Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we have invested heavily in new, top of the range dental equipment and advanced training to provide your pets with the highest level of dental care available.

Don’t let you pet become a statistic! Speak to one of our team today!

What to Expect

A dental is a complete examination of the mouth structures: teeth, gums, jawbone, throat, tonsils, lymph nodes and nose (because the upper tooth roots are intimately involved with the nose bones).

A patient that needs work will be admitted from 8:00am for a sedative before a modern general anaesthetic is used. Local anaesthetic nerve blocks are used to limit post-operative pain.

X-rays are taken as part of every appointment and examined. All the teeth are scaled and polished – it is critical that this is continued below the gum line as this is where infection starts. Any rotten teeth are extracted, and pain relief and antibiotics are administered as required.

Most patients are discharged from our hospital walking and wagging their tails from 2pm.

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