3 different scenes of the tragedy that Dr Barton and Dr Ong faced yesterday in Mallacoota.

Kangaroos are pretty mobile but these fires were so ferocious that even roos were caught up and tragically burnt to death. Trapped between tall fences and fire. The first image shows the devastating consequence.

The second image shows a poor little joey, lost without his mum who had to be put to sleep due to extensive burns.

The third is Dr Barton having time to adjust after having to put down another roo with 3rd-degree burns.

Chris and Elaine do this work because they care about animals and especially wildlife who rarely have any protectors. Euthanising wildlife and witnessing these scenes affects them both deeply.

These scenes are hard to watch, but it is what was happening in Mallacoota and surrounds today.

Thank you, Dr Chris and Dr Elaine for being there and being able to do what was needed. You have all our respect. Take care and rest tonight.

Thank you Animals Australia for fast and effective support to the VFC team and vets.

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