What does it cost?

Vaccinating dogs against the Rabies virus requires a lot of work by skilled operators.

Catching street dogs in a humane and safe way is a special skill that the SARAH dog catching teams are experienced in.

The Indian government produces the vaccines which costs only 40c a dose. However while the vaccine doesn’t cost much, a lot are required.

This picture is of Dr Michael’s son Archie.  Archie is crouched next to a bin of empty vaccine bottles. Each bottle holds 10 doses of anti rabies vaccine.

Michael, Lisa, Finlay and Archie were lucky enough to visit the SARAH team last year. The photo was taken at the end of 40 hard days of vaccinating by the SARAH team. The team WALKED during that time from the top to the bottom of Sikkim and vaccinated 20,000 dogs.

Not only are the vets and paravets in Sikkim dedicated and hard working but they are extremely fit!

If you would like to contribute then follow this link: http://www.vetsbeyondborders.org/how-you-can-help/donate/

or drop a donation into the box at the counter at the East Bentleigh Vet Clinic, where there will be a display of some previous vet work that has been done in India.

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