Where do the dogs come from?

So where do the dogs come from? The focus of the deserving work that Farlie and Nicole are contributing to is of the street dogs of Sikkim. Feral is a wrong word. They generally live where they live because there is a food source. Locals often feed them. the dog catching team get up very early with their truck and pick them up , as you can see with craftiness, not always a net. Dan has been joining these morning rides and so gets to see some special Himalayan scenery and meet the local kids.

Don’t forget Dr John Skuja from Darwin is on his way to Nepal
“Final preparations are in place. No time to check the rabies titre so got a booster just in case. There are large numbers of displaced dogs after the earthquake and the increased likelihood of domestic dogs coming into contact with wild reservoirs of rabies. Minimising the chance and effect of an outbreak is one of the tasks of the HSI vets on this trip”

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