We are a Proud Gold Sponsor of Hughesdale Primary School

Totally Wild Carnival a huge success!

carnivalThank you to all those that came out and supported the Hughesdale Primary School Totally Wild Carnival last month. The event was a huge success with the school raising close to $30,000. The funds raised will be going towards fitting out the schools new gymnasium and facilities for the kids.

Vets working beyond borders

Picture this…’Rajeev, father of three girls and a boy who lived in the slums near Delhi, India his wife, children and extended family. A month ago, on his way home from work at dusk, a snoozing dog he failed to see in the fading light nipped Rajeev. Ignoring what was a harmless scratch on his ankle, within 3 weeks Rajeev died an appalling death from Rabies, as would the dog. He left a family in poverty to fend for himself’…. As shocking as this sounds, it is a true story.

The staff at EBVH are interested in improving animal health and not just here in Australia. One of the best organised charities in this area is ‘Vets Beyond Borders’.

It was set-up by a Queensland vet to provide stray control and rabies control in the Buddhist areas of the Himalayas in India. International volunteers and locally trained staff and vets conduct their work.

Over the years their programs have been adopted by the Government of India and clinics have been handed over to the local population to staff and run. Thanks to VVB hard work, dedication and selfless volunteers, over 20,000 street dogs have been surgically sterilised preventing the birth of thousands more. They have vaccinated over 30,000 other dogs and cats against rabies and have removed rabies as one of the main killers in humans and dogs in Sikkim. This non-profit organisation is able to achieve such great results thanks to it’s MANY vet and vet nurse volunteers and the dedicated locals.

We will be providing updates on their work as well and will be conducting fund raising efforts in the future.

We encourage you to check out their websites and

volunteer with Vets Beyond BordersDr Michael, Dr Lisa and the boys head to India to volunteer with Vets Beyond Borders

Finally, after months of precision planning, Michael, Lisa and the boys arrived in India. They worked at the ‘Bylakuppe Tibetan refugee settlement’ (Google earth: Bylakuppe, India) and are working for ‘Vets beyond Borders’ on a desexing and rabies eradication programme. They also met the local staff of the Tinso foundation. Tinso helps elderly Tibetan refugees cope with their old age. Both projects are dear to Michael and Lisa and represent effective practical work done by two groups that help both the human and animal condition. Archie and Finlay travelled again and introduced the rules of AFL to Tibetan monks’ boys.