November Newsletter 2018

August Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:


This November newsletter is full of great programmes, deals and services that EBVC offer

  • Dental Xrays Free: Dental month free xrays continue at no charge!
  • Medication Benefit Club: Hundreds of members save money.
  • Advocate deals: We get you the best prices in the universe. Coming again in December!
  • Hydrobath: Watch out for another free voucher in our December Summer Flyer.
  • Heart Echocardiography: EBVC continues to invest to better treat and manage your at risk murmur fur babies.
  • Urine analysis: The EBVC lab is now complete!
  • New Vet staff: Dr Lisa Sander and Dr Steven Sath.
  • Cats with high blood pressure? Who would believe it’s true?
  • Weekend hours: EBVC is open until 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Itchy dog?: Make an appointment at EBVC to learn about Cytopoint therapy.
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October Newsletter 2018

August Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:


Have ever wanted to pick our brains on something you’re unsure of?

Is there a topic you’d like to know more on but aren’t sure where to start?

Dr Google giving you mixed answers?

Would you just like to know more about what we actually do at the clinic?

Have a question you’ve been dying to ask one of our staff?

Then join Nurse Jane Wednesday’s at 12pm on Instagram to ask her all your hard hitting questions!

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September Newsletter 2018

August Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:

The Rabbit Facts

Rabbits are often purchased as easy first pets for children due to their quiet, gentle nature and relative ease when it comes to feeding and upkeep. Unfortunately all of these things that make them seem like easy and simple first pet are old fashioned ideas as rabbits require very specific diet and care to keep them happy and healthy.

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August Newsletter 2018

August Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:

Our awesome Dental Month deals continue!!

There are still some spots available for August so don’t miss the opportunity to save, save, SAVE! Book your pet’s dental today on 95793430.

Bookings essential: Ph: 95793430

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July Newsletter 2018

July Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:

Why are dental X-rays so important?

Just like an iceberg, what you see on the surface is only the beginning of what is really going on underneath!

Bookings essential: Ph: 95793430

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June Newsletter 2018

May Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:

EBVC does it again with a SUPER deal on Advocate!

We know Advocate is a great, super convenient ‘Top Spot’ method of controlling FLEAS, HEARTWORM and INTESTINAL WORMS in dogs and cats.

Now it is cheap as chips!

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May Newsletter 2018

May Newsletter 2018

In this months edition:

High Tea success

On Sunday 22nd April our vets Dr’s Michael Heath, Lisa Sander and Sonia Thakur joined with “Vets for Compassion” to raise money at a High Tea.

60 friends and supporters ate some great cakes and raised about $5000.

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April Newsletter 2018

April Newsletter

In this months edition:

Dog and Cat desexing deal!

One of the most common procedures we perform at EBVC are dog and cat desexing surgeries.

With a few exceptions we recommend desexing at about 5-6 months of age.

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February Newsletter 2018

January Newsletter

In this months edition:

CSTDA: Helping our community

CSTDA, The Centre for Service and Therapy Dogs Australia, is an organisation who train dogs to assist people achieve predefined goals and create a relationship to improve quality of life, independence and increase participation in society.

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January Newsletter 2018

January Newsletter

In this months edition:

“Medication Benefit Club”! It’s FREE to Join!

The Medication Benefit Club is exclusive to EBVC. Your pet benefits with a customised treatment plan and you benefit by having less worry about your fur child and saving more money.

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December Newsletter 2017

December Newsletter

In this months edition:

East Bentleigh Vet Clinic goes to…. Hughesdale Primary School’s “La Fiesta”!

On the last Friday of November, the storm clouds stayed away long enough for the Hughesdale Primary School to have a fantastically successful “La Fiesta” Carnival.

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November Newsletter 2017

October Newsletter

In this months edition:

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October Newsletter 2017

October Newsletter

In this months edition:

  1. A sad goodbye
  2. Australia – The Lucky Country
  3. Thank you from Dr Michael
  4. The Puppy Project
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September Newsletter 2017

September Newsletter

In this months edition:

It’s the Dental edition extended

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August Newsletter 2017

August Newsletter

In this months edition:

It’s the Dental edition

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July Newsletter 2017

In this weeks edition:

  1. Caspa’s Castle
  2. Have your say! Review us on Google!
  3. Double Trouble!
  4. $100 OFF!
  5. We’re on Twitter!
  6. Ruby’s road to recovery
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June Newsletter 2017

In this months issue:

  1. Why desex your pet?
  2. Nerf Guns are dangerous!
  3. Emergency!
  4. We’d love to hear from you!
  5. Miss to Mrs
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May Newsletter 2017

In this months issue:

  1. Pooja is on way to being a vet
  2. Dr Joanna teaching trip to China with Vets for Compassion
  3. EBVC keep on learning
  4. Easter Kids Club success
  5. Squishy news – something to make you giggle!
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April Newsletter 2017

In this months edition:

  1. Fur Baby Adoptions
  2. Dr Joanna Chan teaching dentistry and surgery
  3. Squishy Stories: Shaken that Ass!
  4. Worlds best Advocate deal continues through April!
  5. Easter Opening Hours.
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December Newsletter 2016

Dr Diki visits EBVC

Over the past few years EBVC has been supporting a variety of NGOs who work in animal welfare and health in India and Nepal

In April 2015, Dr Farlie and nurse Nicole travelled to the Indian Himalayan state of Sikkim to work with Dr Diki and Dr Thinlay and their S.A.R.A.H (Sikkim Anti Rabies Animal Health)/ VBB team.

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November Newsletter 2016

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September Newsletter 2016

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August Newsletter 2016

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  • Ageing gracefully

    05/07/2016 11:00am
    1. Winter beds are back!
    2. What is the "Puppy Project" final
    3. Libby Smith
    4. "Gonpa Gazette"
    5. Winter Woolley Bed washing instruction
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  • Combating arthritis

    02/06/2016 11:00am
    1. Kimba's journey
    2. Meet Kimba
    3. Arthritis
    4. X-rays
    5. Stem Cells
    6. Amputation Surgery
    7. Working together
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  • One very helpful dog

    05/04/2016 11:00am
    1. April Newsletter
    2. Autumn Kids Club is here!
    3. Follow us on Instagram!
    4. Max turns 12!
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  • March Newsletter

    01/03/2016 11:00am
    1. March Newsletter
    2. Insurance
    3. Our apologies for the mix up
    4. Kimba gets better on stem cells
    5. Kids Club
    6. We say goodbye to Katherine
    7. Vale "Benny Gale McShane"
    8. Help! My dog just ate my Lindt bunny!
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  • Take care of your pet's heart

    02/02/2016 11:00am
    1. February Newsletter
    2. Kids Club 2016
    3. Misconceptions of "The Pound!"
    4. Weight loss success!
    5. New flavour to the Metabolic range
    6. Jane does Japan!
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  • Keeping cool

    05/01/2016 11:00am
    1. January Newsletter
    2. Summer Catalogue specials!
    3. Great savings on Revolution!
    4. The latest in Thyroid management
    5. Weight loss success!
    6. Summer safety gone viral!
    7. Wedding fever!
    8. Snakes about!
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  • An itch free Christmas

    01/12/2015 11:00am
    1. December Newsletter
    2. Free dental X-rays continue!
    3. WVS team lend a hand in Bylakuppe‏
    4. Summer operations
    5. On the public holidays…...
    6. Kids Club success
    7. Congratulations Kat!
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  • November newsletter

    05/11/2015 1:00pm
    1. Is your pet prepared for summer?
    2. Dr Michael off to South India
    3. Google Watch!
    4. What on earth is scooting!?
    5. Kids Club
    6. Hills rewards card
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  • Time to take a bath

    06/10/2015 11:00am
    1. October newsletter
    2. One tablet, three months!
    3. The word spreads after World Rabies Day
    5. Yes, we have Puppy School!
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  • Portly pets

    01/09/2015 11:00am
    1. September newsletter
    2. Delivery to Nepal
    3. Dental Month Success!
    4. Open All Weekend
    5. Dental quiz winner....continued
    6. Greyhound Safety Net
    7. Payment methods
    8. Thanks to Dr Damien
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  • Dental disease stinks

    04/08/2015 11:00am
    1. August newsletter
    2. An update on the Nepal earthquake response
    3. Why dental xrays are so good!
    4. General anaesthetics in old dogs. Myth busted!
    5. Stevie, the wonder puppy!
    6. Winner of our dental quiz
    7. A new type of Hills C/D cat food
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  • Caring for our seniors

    07/07/2015 11:00am
    1. July Newsletter
    2. Cleo, the happy 3 legged dog
    3. August is Pet Dental Month
    4. How to keep the teeth clean
    5. Nepal Lunch
    6. Puppy School
    7. Winter Woolley Dog and Cat beds‏
    8. Learn more about HART
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  • Jolly good joints

    02/06/2015 11:00am
    1. June Newsletter
    2. What a month!
    3. A Nepali lunch
    4. Facebook- keeping us connected
    5. Dr Thinlay Bhutia- Programme Coordinator at S.A.R.A.H
    6. Volunteering in Sikkim
    7. Silas the Super Paravet!
    8. Would Nicole head to India again?….
    9. Dr Michael and Dr Lisa regonised for their work
    10. Thanks Damian
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  • Mother's love

    28/04/2015 1:30pm
    1. May Newsletter
    2. Himalayan Earthquake news
    3. Where are nurse Nicole and Dr Farlie?
    4. Supplies on their way!
    5. A working honeymoon
    6. Nurse Nicole and support team Daniel
    7. Advice from an old India Hand, Dr Alan Sherlock
    8. What's it all about?
    9. What does it cost?
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  • Easter indulgence

    01/04/2015 11:00am
    1. April Newsletter
    2. Party in the Park success!
    3. Dr Farlie and Nurse Nicole are off to India to help the street dogs.‏
    4. Louie's broken leg
    5. Easter and chocolate toxicity
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  • March Newsletter

    03/03/2015 11:00am
    1. March Newsletter
    2. Party in the Park 2015
    3. Is your pet insured?
    4. A microchip could save your pets life!
    5. Dog Registration Discounts
    6. Zac Hill
    7. We only recommend the best for boarding!
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  • Some good news for koalas

    03/02/2015 11:00am
    1. Do actually know what Heartworm is?
    2. Heartworm is bad!
    3. Prevent heartworm with Proheart
    4. Our special deal!
    5. Australia Day Fun
    6. Puppy Pre-school at EBVC
    7. Follow us on Facebook!
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  • Apologies for a typo

    12/01/2015 8:00pm
    1. Special Hill Food Deal
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  • Have a purrfect New Year!

    06/01/2015 11:00am
    1. January Newsletter
    2. Email reminders from Petpack
    3. Hydrobath facilities
    4. Thanks for the donations!
    5. Teaching the next generation of vet surgeons
    6. Congratulations Jade!
    7. A new leaf on life for Kelly
    8. Did you know we offer Acupuncture?
    9. Exclusive Hills Food rewards scheme
    >> Read more…
  • Santa Paws is coming to town

    02/12/2014 11:00am
    1. Merry Christmas to all!
    2. On the move
    3. Summer Flea Control
    4. Old cats leave the drugs behind!
    5. The dangers of fighting
    6. Take the lead
    7. Desexing may be common but we do more then just routine surgery
    >> Read more…
  • Daredevil dog

    06/11/2014 11:00am
    1. November Newsletter
    2. Dr Michael and family return from India
    3. Bilateral knee reconstruction
    4. Bella Taskinas regains vision following prompt treatment
    5. 5 year milestone for Jane!
    6. Allergy testing and treatment
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  • Pranks in the park

    02/10/2014 11:00am
    1. October newsletter
    2. Cost Restraints? No problem!
    3. Be Kind To Animals Week
    4. Hills Metabolic showing great results!
    5. Case of the Month:
    6. Follow us on Facebook!
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  • Spring into good health

    02/09/2014 11:00am
    1. Spring Time
    2. Get well soon Mary
    3. The latest in weight loss for your pet!
    4. Is your cat have somewhere to stay these school holidays?
    5. Thanks to Bentleigh East Kindergarten for visiting!
    6. Case Study: Kissa Borovik
    7. "First Aid for Pets" app competition
    >> Read more…
  • Don't be afraid of the dentist

    05/08/2014 11:00am
    1. August newsletter
    2. "In Praise of Your Veterinary Team at East Bentleigh" - By Simon Wright
    3. Old Silky is feeling better
    4. Why is my dog rubbing it's bum on the ground?
    5. Nibblers dodgy teeth
    6. How much do you know? (Or can you find out!)
    7. Pet Dental Month
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  • Senior Citizens

    01/07/2014 11:00am
    1. Winter is here!
    2. Latest donation from bed and biscuit sales to VBB Bylakuppe
    3. Hand Washing dog and cat beds
    4. Hyperthyroid disease in cats- Surgery as a treatment option
    5. Free fluid therapy during desexing procedures
    6. Where will you be next school holidays?
    7. EBVC knowledge expansion
    8. Ultrasound workshop in Melbourne
    9. How to stay up to date using Facebook
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  • Welcome Winter

    03/06/2014 11:00am
    1. Welcome Winter!
    2. Frankie found a home!
    3. Apologies about cancelling the VBB "welcome to India" supper.‏
    4. Early morning surgery admissions
    5. " Take the Lead" campaign by Guide dogs Australia‏
    6. A picture update from India
    7. Adoption kittens in clinic
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  • May newsletter

    01/05/2014 11:00am
    1. May Newsletter
    2. Come and join us!
    3. The Dog Lovers Show 2014
    4. Is your pet getting a healthy diet?
    5. Progress on brave "Buckley"
    6. Looking for a home
    7. Is your cat at risk of FIV?
    >> Read more…
  • Sweet temptations

    01/04/2014 11:00am
    1. April Newsletter
    2. Party in the Park, what a day!
    3. Tasty Diamond Dog treats for VBB
    4. Extended weekend hours
    5. Save your pets life!!
    6. Introducing Pooja, our new Saturday Vet Nurse
    7. Katherine is beginning her Vet Nursing career
    8. Changing attitude and stray dog adoption
    9. Johnny to old cat
    >> Read more…
  • Best behaviour

    04/03/2014 11:00am
    1. Starting off on the right foot
    2. Testing teenagers
    3. When good behaviour goes bad
    4. Courteous Cats
    5. Better behaviour is in the air
    >> Read more…
  • Adoption kittens available

    04/02/2014 11:00am
    1. Intro - Adoption kittens available
    2. I'm ready to go now!
    3. Please love me!
    4. Grrrr like a Tiger!
    5. Pick me!
    6. I love cuddles!
    7. Cool as a cucumber
    8. Poised and proper...but oh so adorable!
    9. What a cutie!
    >> Read more…
  • Yappy New Year!

    07/01/2014 11:00am
    1. Welcome to 2014!
    2. The vet students are back!
    3. We are open!
    4. Free IV Fluids!
    5. A Fantastic VBB season in India.
    6. Cheap Revolution
    7. Hughesdale Primary School Carnival Success!
    8. Mast Cell Tumours
    >> Read more…
  • We wish you a furry Christmas

    03/12/2013 11:00am
    1. The Festive Season is here!
    2. A Tibetan Supper for VBB
    3. Our Christmas and New Year opening hours
    4. Southern Animal Emergency Centre- Real help when you need it most.
    5. Summer grass seeds
    6. Free Feline Aids Virus Testing for December
    7. Desexing Anaesthesia includes Intravenous Fluids
    8. Bath your dog easily this summer
    9. Fireworks - how to de stress your dog
    >> Read more…
  • Save your pet's life

    01/11/2013 11:00am
    1. Spring time is almost over!
    2. Hughesdale Primary School Carnival
    3. Bayside Pet Expo
    4. Sunday opening hours
    5. Weekday opening hours
    6. Corn Cobs!
    7. Dr Google
    8. Report on Michael's trip to India
    9. Don't turn a blind eye to vaccination
    10. Surprise doggy dangers
    >> Read more…
  • The importance of wee

    01/10/2013 11:00am
    1. October Newsletter
    2. Hero Patient of the Week- Monty says "thank you"
    3. Welcome back Michael and Lisa- India says "Thanks"
    4. What wee can tell us
    5. An ideal kitty toilet
    6. Toilet training the pooch
    7. A reminder about kids and dogs
    8. A lion or a dog?
    >> Read more…
  • Senior Pet Special

    03/09/2013 11:00am
    1. An Indian Special
    2. The vet family back to India
    3. Vets Beyond Borders
    4. Bylakuppe
    5. Rabies
    6. Thank you for your support
    7. The puppy project
    8. Sonam La
    9. Tinso Tibet
    10. Save the date!
    11. Contacts
    >> Read more…
  • August Newsletter - correction to article 4

    05/08/2013 12:00am
    1. Mucky Eyes
    >> Read more…
  • Healthy teeth for a healthy life

    01/08/2013 11:00am
    1. August Newsletter
    2. Weekend hours at Black Rock
    3. Baby Bunny Leg Amputation
    4. A fishy problem
    5. Mucky eyes
    6. Save the date!
    7. Dental Month Special Deals!
    8. Dental disease 101
    9. Gold standard dental care
    >> Read more…
  • Warming up winter joints

    02/07/2013 11:00am
    1. July Newsletter
    2. Farewell Dr Rob, Hello Dr Juliet
    3. Pet Dental Month- August
    4. Facebook cute photo competition
    5. Winter Woollen Dog Beds. So Cosy!
    6. A tale of two dogs
    7. Does your pet have Pet Insurance?
    8. Something to make you smile...
    9. Pets suffering in silence
    >> Read more…
  • Kidney disease can be thirsty work

    04/06/2013 11:00am
    1. Welcome Winter
    2. Onwards, upwards and unfortunately overseas for Dr Rob!
    3. Paper accepted in leading Veterinary Journal!
    4. Sadie is signed off!
    5. Dog Lovers Show 2013
    6. Pet Dental Month
    7. Fleas in Winter?
    8. Smart cats
    >> Read more…
  • Aching heart

    02/05/2013 11:00am
    1. Winter is here!
    2. Shop the Rock- Saturday 4th of May!
    3. Free hydrobaths!
    4. Black Rock Surgery Tours
    5. This seasons VBB Woolen Dog Beds launching at Shop the Rock!
    6. Colouring comp for Orphan Monk boys
    7. Congratulations Annie and team Schoolyard Stories
    8. Travelling with pets
    9. It's time to flip the lip
    >> Read more…
  • Early Easter Delivery

    28/03/2013 11:30am
    1. April Newsletter
    2. A big thank you to everyone involved
    3. A new look Black Rock
    4. A new coat of paint
    5. Refreshed hydrobath area
    6. Easter Opening Hours
    7. Clinic Case Study- Gus Dobbs
    8. Going crazy for a laugh
    9. Death by chocolate
    >> Read more…
  • Best behaviour

    05/03/2013 11:00am
    1. Where it all goes...
    2. A true Indian style welcome home for “Annabelle” the cow!
    3. The Surgery
    4. More than a Dog Club!
    5. And the winners are...
    6. The Jelly Beans go to....
    >> Read more…
  • New Year's Itch

    05/02/2013 2:30pm
    1. WE ARE OPEN!
    2. East Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic Open Day - Saturday 2nd March
    3. Open Day: We will be having a BBQ
    4. Open Day: Bring your dogs down for a Nurse Hydrobath and have your pooches pampered for $10!
    5. Open Day: Colour in and WIN!
    6. Open Day: Come help us MAKE OVER ANNABELLE the COW and meet Dr Damian McShane!
    7. Annabelle was lost and has now been found
    8. What is Vets Beyond Borders?
    9. Espresso Elements helps VBB in Feb 2013
    10. Congratulations, it's a girl!
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News January 2013

    08/01/2013 11:00am
    1. January newsletter
    2. Our cow has been rustled!
    3. Cattery NOW OPEN!
    4. Orthopaedic Equipment
    5. Dental care
    6. Ultrasound
    7. Radiography
    8. Endoscopy
    9. Top tips for a safe Summer
    10. Best beach behaviour
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News December 2012

    04/12/2012 11:00am
    1. December
    2. What the new clinic offers
    3. In case of an emergency
    4. Surgery
    5. Radiology
    6. Patient wards
    7. Has more space than Chadstone!!!!
    8. Cattery now open
    9. FREE hydrobaths
    10. Opening Hours
    11. Christmas holiday safety tips
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News November 2012

    01/11/2012 11:00am
    1. November
    2. The Bayside Pet Expo
    3. Cup Day Opening Hours
    4. Farewell to Georgie....but not for good!
    5. Blessing of the Pets 2012
    6. Blessing of the pets walk
    7. Michael goes back to school
    8. Tibet, VBB display at Asian studies week
    9. The Puppy Project
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News October 2012

    02/10/2012 11:00am
    1. October
    2. Dental competition winners
    3. The inspired Anne Forwood...thank you!
    4. Blessing of the Pets 2012
    5. Bayside Pet Expo 2012
    6. Funny pet videos
    7. Protect your pooch from pesky parasites
    8. When your pet's waterworks aren't working
    9. Case Study: Toby's gotta go but he can't!
    10. Your cat's toilet: the golden rules
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News September 2012

    03/09/2012 11:00am
    1. Spring
    2. A little bit goes a long way...
    3. Ahhh, the serenity
    4. Amazing!
    5. The Monk's Pet Taxi
    6. Sick puppy
    7. To cool for school!
    8. Michael's Super Nurse
    9. Brekki time!
    10. Pet Dental Month August 2012- Extended!
    11. Who’s been sleeping in my bin?
    12. Overcoming cat carrier stress
    13. Parasite control just got a lot easier
    14. Prescription pets?
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News August 2012

    04/08/2012 10:00am
    1. August update
    2. An Indian Supper a HUGE success!
    3. Dr Rob's lightening run for charity
    4. FREE dental checks in August
    5. Second chance for lost bunny
    6. Are you Allie's new owner?
    7. The importance of all year round flea control
    8. Should I take out Pet insurance?
    9. Pet and baby competition
    10. Could you recognise heart disease in your best friend?
    11. Why prevent heartworm disease?
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News July 2012

    04/07/2012 5:00pm
    1. Welcome to July
    2. Come and join us for an Indian Supper
    3. Welcome to THE NEW East Bentleigh clinic
    4. The learning doesn't stop with Puppy School
    5. Dr Rob runs for animal welfare
    6. Winter Woolies Competition
    7. Caring for our senior citizens
    8. Does my pet have dementia or am I losing my mind?
    9. Oscar's mysterious weight loss
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News June 2012

    05/06/2012 12:00pm
    1. Welcome note
    2. A big thank you to Mrs Furguson-Brown
    3. A report from Bylakuppe Project Manager
    4. Teens skip birthday gifts to help animals
    5. Case Study- Rosie Tormey
    6. Renovation update
    7. Adoption kittens
    8. Millions Paws Walk
    9. Pet Winter Woolies Competition
    10. Feeling the cold or something else?
    11. What causes arthritis?
    12. Keeping your pets safe in Winter
    >> Read more…
  • Pet Care News May 2012

    02/05/2012 2:30pm
    1. Welcome
    2. Renovations: The count down is on!
    3. Adoption Kitten update
    4. Human Aids and Cat Aids - what is the link?
    5. Get walking
    6. Melbourne Dog Walkers
    7. Treat your dog
    8. What’s lurking in your pet’s mouth?
    9. FAQs about the treatment of dental disease
    10. You want me to do what to my pet's teeth?!
    >> Read more…