Archie’s trip to India

Dr Michael, Dr Lisa, sons Finlay and Archie recently returned from their 3-week working trip to India.
Their 6-year old son has written a touching report on his experience for us to share with you…


My Indian holiday by Archie Heath

My favourite thing about my holiday to India was the street dog Baloo.

He was at the clinic when we arrived and had had a broken leg for 2 weeks.

My dad amputated Baloo’s leg because it wasn’t healing. My mum and Dr Natalie helped my Dad with the operation.

My brother and I brought them Pepsi’s to drink when they were finished.

Baloo felt much better without his sore leg.

Dr Natalie gave Baloo his vaccinations so he wouldn’t get sick.

My mum made sure Baloo got his medicines every day and my brother and I took him for a walk to help him practice getting around on his 3 legs.

All the monks around loved seeing Baloo on his morning walk.

I wish we could have taken Baloo home with us to Australia.

I will miss him and want to go back again to see how he is doing and if he remembers me.

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