Dr Farlie and Nurse Nicole off to India

During April and May Dr Farlie Lewis and Nurse Nicole Patterson will be in Sikkim, India!
They will be desexing  the street dog population and vaccinating them against Rabies .
They are working with Vets Beyond Borders and  VBB’s partner , the Sikkim Anti-Rabies Animal Health ( SARAH) programme.
Sikkim has been rabies free in the dog AND human population for the past 4 years due to this work.

Sikkim is small himalayan state in the north east of India. In the past years Dr Michael Heath and his family have travelled to the southern area of Bylaluppe to work for VBB.

Here is a photo of Dr Alan Sherlock (from Sandringham Central Vet Hospital) operating in the hills of Sikkim on one of his previous trips to the area.

This is incredibly important work that achieves results in Animal and human health.
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During May we will have a display of VBB’€™s work in the foyer at the East Bentleigh Vet Clinic- come on in!

For info about SARAH:


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