Dr Jo – Vets for Compassion

Previously we talked about Dr Joanna Chan assisting the teaching and training of Chinese vets different aspects of desexing surgery and animal dentistry.
This course, produced by the hard working team of volunteers at Vets For Compassion, was so successful that the participants rated it as the best course they have ever been to in all of China. Good work VFC!

VFC aim is to improve the quality of veterinary surgery and medicine in China by training vets who then become Trainers themselves. They volunteer their time to learn and then pass on these skills to 2 more vets.

VFC include animal welfare as a critical component of their training.

VFC welfare and care for animals education programme is now in about 1000 schools across china

VFC education and lobbying have been successful in limiting the dog meat trade in China. More work is needed .

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