Espresso Elements helps VBB in 2013

During the month of February, “Espresso Elements” cafe on 305 Hampton Street donated ALL of the tips they received from their customers to Vets Beyond Borders.

They raised a total of $191.75!

We would like to thank Espresso Elements for their help in supporting Vets Beyond Borders and to the people who have donated to this fantastic charity!

Dr Michael Heath of the Black Rock Animal Hospital has volunteered on VBB projects in India with his family and will gratefully deliver the proceeds straight to buying essential rabies vaccines and other medications.

The VBB projects aim to control stray dog populations by desexing and control rabies by vaccinating . The work is very effective and has saved many canine and human lives. $20 can vaccinate 40 dogs, $100 can desex 5 female street dogs.
Espresso Elements have raised $3180.00 over the past 12 months for other charities.


See: Espresso Elements and Vets Beyond Borders

Photo: Marketing Manager Jenny Arnot and Dr Heath at the “Espresso Elements” cafe.

If you would like to help donate please scan the code below…


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