Nurse Nicole and support team Daniel

Nicole is one of our senior nurses and is VERY excited to be finally on her way to Sikkim. While in Sikkim she will be assisting the vet surgeons and dog catching teams . The tasks that she will be required to perform will have a increased level of responsibility and as such on will be referred to as a “Paravet” which is a local term which more adequately describes the job a veterinary nurse in India.

Nicole has had a bumpy ride in getting to India as she had her appendix removed the week before flying. Fortunately she is in the caring hands of Daniel De Hann who will make sure that she rests and doesn’t overdo it. Hmm, he has his work cut out for him.

Dan will also be getting a crash course in an electrical and plumbing apprenticeship from Harley.

After their working stint they will be travelling by motorbike to the west of Sikkim to trek along the Nepalese border.

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